Sylvester-Stallone-losing-hairImage is everything in Hollywood. Rising stars as well as those who have already made it make sure that they maintain their appearance. Constantly under the public’s eye, they do all that they can to stay in it. This is the way of life that any actor has to endure. How fans perceive them dictates their staying power and ultimately, how well they fare at the box office. Movie making after all is first and foremost, a business. Those stars that can longer carry a movie are sadly passed on for the next bankable celebrity. There are those however those whose body of work has stood the test of time providing them with an iconic status few can ever hope to achieve.

There are actors that represent such an ideal in accordance to the movie genre they have excelled in. Nobody can contest the comedic brilliance of Jim Carrey or Steve Martin. They are perhaps amongst the top of their field when it comes to bringing smiles to people’s faces. On the other hand, Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro lead the way when they star in dramatic roles. Their adaptation of whatever character they portray leave audiences mesmerised and wanting for more. Action is a wide-open field that has had many notable actors. There is however an elite few which have risen to the top of this category. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are perhaps the two most famous names in their genre that continue to slug it out in terms of popularity.

Those who have followed the early work of Stallone know that he first achieved fame from a dramatic film he himself had written. Rocky is perhaps one of Hollywood’s most enduring classics. It is about the rise to fame of a boxer that was given one shot at the heavyweight title and gave it his all. This became the top earning film of 1976. It won three Oscars, one of which was Best Picture. His box office draw grew larger with the film, First Blood. Like Rocky it gained such a following that sequels were produced due to its initial success. His role as John Rambo made him into one of most famous action stars today. Sylvester would go on to appear in different films often cast as a lawman, mercenary or almost anything that deals with guns and loud explosions.

His continued appearances in blockbuster hits such as The Expendables 3 is proof of how well he has taken care of himself and his career. Stallone is more than sixty-eight years old though it does not seem that he is any worse for wear since beginning his career in the 70’s. He still remains fit through proper exercise and a healthy diet. His hair is also a big part of his overall image that is still thick despite his advanced years. It is very difficult to detect if he did in fact get treatment for it. There are no file photos that show of a receding hairline. None of his movies would betray the fact that he was balding. There is absolutely no clear data that could offer any confirmation of his alopecia.

It might be that he simply does not have the balding gene. Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition which will affect up to seventy percent of all men by the time they reach their seventies. Sylvester is a mere couple of years away from this statistical estimate. Of course, he may have also benefitted from his father’s success as a well-known hairdresser. Years in the movie industry could have likewise taught Stallone how to hide his alopecia. His close contact with cosmetic experts would have definitely offered him some tips along the way. Add these facts to modern day balding solutions then it would not be surprising to see why it is so difficult to pinpoint if Sylvester Stallone is in fact, losing his hair.

Sylvester Stallone is losing hair?