While we are seeing more and more people ask about enquire about hair transplants we find that many are confused with what hair transplants are, how they work and what they can and can’t do.

To make it as simple as possible hair transplants take permanent hair from the back, and the sides of the scalp known as the donor area. If you look at any bald person you will see that they have a area of healthy hair often in a horse shoe shaped are where the hair doesn’t thin or fall out.

What Can A Hair Transplant Surgery Do For You?

During a hair transplant surgery some of those healthy hairs are carefully grafted from the donor area using FUE, FUT or Vinci Max methods which all have their specific advantages depending on the size of the balding area, lifestyle and medical history, our staff will help you understanding the difference between these and help you select the procedure that is best suitable for you.

The hair transplant procedure is done under local anaesthesia so during the procedure there is no discomfort involved and patients can return to their normal activities almost instantly after the procedure. Transplanted hair is your own growing hair that has simply been taken from areas you need it less to the areas of concern, it grows the same rate as the rest of your hair, doesn’t need any special maintenance and is 100% natural as its your own growing hair that has simply been moved in the scalp.

Hair transplant are no longer reserved for celebrities and millionaires as with finance options and better techniques the cost of the procedure has been reduced to fit almost any budget.

Contact us today and we will without any obligation or cost give you all further information and help you evaluate if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant and just what the procedure could do for you.